Post Weight Loss

Following weight-loss, many of us find significant changes in the contours and sagging of our bodies. In some patients, these weight-loss results are due to diet or exercise. In other patients, these changes in weight are a result of bariatric surgery and other medical weight loss regimens.

With the epidemic increase of obesity in the USA and with the associated medical complications, there has been the realization that medical and surgical technique should be devoted to assist patients in weight control. All medical techniques, appetite suppression, and regimens of diet and exercise have been developed. The change in weight loss does produce changes in the contour of the body including sagging skin and deformities in the extremities, the arms, legs and thighs, the torso including the abdomen.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for these procedures is to allow a full evaluation for your problems, to answer your questions, and make an individualized plan for you.

Procedures: The procedure used to treat sagging skin is generally called a body lift. Each area of concern has procedures designed to correct the sagging skin or irregular contours of that particular area. The areas of concern are classified by the region of the body like the abdominal area, including the sides, lower back, and the buttock area. The buttocks can become low and flat and poorly contoured. There are problems also in the groin area, the thighs and the arms. In the groin area, there may be hooding over the pubic area and laxity of or looseness of the skin of the inner thighs. The thighs may develop sagging in the inner, outer, and posterior thigh, producing a deformity in all areas. The upper arms can be an area of a significant deformity after weight-loss.