A facelift is a form of plastic surgery that is used to enhance a person’s facial appearance. It works most efficiently in the mid-face section; the area between a person’s nose and eyelids. Many surgeons reposition the fat deposits and actually pull the skin of the face, which can have the result of an extremely younger looking face. This procedure will virtually eliminate sagging skin and will tighten a person’s facial skin, giving a younger and livelier appearance. Sagging skin, due to age, can have the tension released, thus providing not only a more attractive appearance, but also result in the face physically feeling more youthful. Sometimes, this can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries such as an eyelid lift or nose job.

Are you a candidate?

Candidates are those who wish for a younger appearance and realize that this procedure will not completely change the way they look. They will be certainly recognized, however they will most often appear years younger. The best candidates are those who have deep lines on the corners of their mouths or the lack of a well defined jaw line. These issues are most often successfully fixed.

Surgery: Deep incisions are made into the muscle of the face. An endoscope is used as a surgical instrument that will allow us to see internal images of a person, via very small incisions. Several incisions may be made in various locations on the face so that the surgeon may see exactly what must be done to obtain the desired results. The middle of a person’s face will be pulled upwards and will usually have the result of a person having fewer wrinkles and quite likely an astonishing change of appearance. This surgery procedure can literally make a person appear to lose years of aging, often giving remarkable positive results.

Recovery: There will be some swelling, pain, and bruising. These can be a little more severe at first, however, medicines are provided as your heal. The stitches will be removed after 7-10 days. It is recommended that you do not exercise for 6 weeks. The body must be allowed to heal and recover. The surgery can produce great results. Sagging skin will be returned to a more youthful looking appearance. There is very minimal scarring. The effects of this procedure can last up to ten years.

Facelift FAQs